Australia desperately seeks more backpackers: Why work in Australia?

Thought getting a job in Australia was going to be tough. Think again.

Across Australia, businesses have faced crippling workforce shortages throughout the pandemic. Why? Because you’re not here yet!

So many businesses rely on young, transient (awesome), short-term workers to fill the best jobs for backpackers. The kind of people who want a few months’ work to fund the next leg of that ‘trip of a lifetime’, travel for a bit and work again somewhere new — making friends and creating memories along the way.

Baristas, bartenders, construction workers, farmhands, retail workers, and tourism workers – Australian employers are calling out for you with well-paid salaries and some of the best working conditions in the world.

It’s even making the news.

Australian national news service (the ABC) said “Regional employers desperate for backpackers to return as workforce shortages continue.” Read more.

And employers miss you too “It’s been tough because every year we rely on backpackers on working holidays to fill the gaps for us. So to have them back is fantastic,” Michael Jones, the chief executive of The Ville Resort-Casino, QLD. Read more.

Why are there so many short-term temporary jobs in Australia now?

Reason 1: Remember that virus?

You’ve probably heard that Australia is renowned for crazy-tight border security. So much so that they even have a reality TV show dedicated to it which you can watch here.

SIDE NOTE: do not bring ANY food off the plane with you! Honestly, eat it or throw it! Australia has strict biosecurity controls to help minimise the risk of pests and diseases entering the country. They will not let you in with even a bag of aeroplane peanuts.

Being one big island has advantages and disadvantages. We have survived COVID-19 pandemic; we have had relatively few casualties. Just 12,000 deaths compared to the UK’s 185,000 – and you start to appreciate the…

Reason two: The abundance of summer casual jobs in Australia

The summer months of December, January, and February attract the most visitors to the country. Like you, people want to hit those perfect white-sand beaches.

Businesses in those dream-like tourist destinations start increasing their staffing now. They need to make sure they can serve the customers, and without you, they won’t be able to do that.

Can’t Aussies do the work?

In a word… no. There are lots of reasons, but here are a few…

1. The whole pandemic turned things on its head. People retrained, started uni degrees, or jumped on the opportunities available in the mining and construction industries.

2. Heaps of people quit because they were burnt out after years of covering the shortfall left by COVID cases and no backpackers helping out.

3. And… well, Aussies love a holiday too and after two years at home, everyone in Europe! We all want what we don’t have, right?

What’s next?

Now, life has returned to normal in Australia. Vaccine mandates have been scrapped in most industries, and employers now hope to see is an influx of workers. You just need to apply for you Visa and get on a plane.

· On average, it takes backpackers travelling to Australia 2 weeks to get set up with everything they need to start work. Don’t be average. GoTo can help you with an Arrival Package consisting of:

· Bank Account – you need somewhere to put all that money you are going to make

· Tax File Number – boring but essential

· Superannuation Account – Australia makes every employee put a little money away for retirement, but don’t worry; if you don’t stay long, we can help you cash it out when you leave. Think of it as forced savings for when you go home. And no, there is no way around it. Sorry.

· Job Support – we have access to some of the best employers in Australia. And they are desperate for you to start.

· 3-month mail holding – so you don’t lose anything while you’re finding your feet.

Need more reasons to work in Australia?

Hear it from a backpacker: Caine Stednitz

American bartender Caine Stednitz arrived in Queensland in January as one of the first backpackers to land in Australia after international border restrictions were eased. He snagged a great job at The Ville Resort-Casino in Northern Queensland. A venue described as ‘a playground in paradise’ just moments from World Heritage listed, The Great Barrier Reef.

“I’ve always been told the way of life is a little bit slower and cooler here, so I wanted to check that out” Caine told Australian newspaper the AFR.

“I just want to meet new people, make new connections and possibly start a new life”.

Photo Courtesy: Financial Review

Caine can choose to spend his days off here on Magnetic Island:

Photo Courtesy: Romain Terpreau

Or even here snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef:

Photo Courtesy: Sight Seeing Tours Australia

Or maybe a night out here

Photo Courtesy: Daniel Pelaez Duque

Still scrolling?

Stop it. We know you’re dreaming of the best jobs for backpackers in Australia, shaking cocktails in the top end or picking strawberries in a quaint Aussie town. There has never been a better time. See you soon!

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