Enchanting Rainforests to Explore in Australia

Australia is known for its beautiful and clear beaches around its lap. But aside from their coast’s gem, oz is also rich in national parks and forests that are perfect for hiking and camping.

On our list are the must-visit rainforest in Australia and the unique things you can see in them.

1. Daintree Rainforest

A UNESCO World Heritage Site located in Queensland, this tropical rainforest is considered the world’s oldest rainforest being around 135 million years old. It houses 663 species of animal, 230 butterfly species, and more than 2,800 different types of plants — which majority are not found elsewhere.

It is a perfect place to spot a tree-kangaroo and flightless cassowary.

2. Tasmanian Temperate Rainforests

It is also one of the oldest rainforests in western Tasmania that is rich in Gondwanan flora. The wet temperate rainforest also has the presence of ancient plant genera and tree species.

You can also meet here mammals like ringtail possum, spotted-tailed quoll, Tasmanian devil, Tasmanian long-tailed mouse, and Tasmanian pademelon.

3. Great Otway National Park

Just a 2.5-hour drive from Melbourne on the Great Ocean Road is Australia’s tallest rainforest in the dense and diverse Otways Ranges. You can enjoy a bunch of activities like camping, biking, and walking its trails.

Photo Courtesy: @katenewmanphoto on Instagram

Witness the picture-perfect waterfalls or take a glimpse of the elusive platypus in the waters of Lake Elizabeth.

4. Gondwana Rainforests

With 50 separate parks in northern New South Wales to south-east Queensland that total 3,665 square km, Gondwana Rainforests make up the largest area of subtropical rainforest not just in the country but in the world.

Its humid subtropical climate is a perfect sanctuary for koalas, kookaburra, and platypus.

5. Yarra Ranges National Park

One of the best Australian jungles holds the enchanting landscape of rainforest in Victoria. A lot of amazing destinations lie inside this rainforest perfect for picnics, bushwalking, nature walks, and cycling.

Photo Courtesy: @yasmeen.ghanavi on Instagram

The dense tree and bush forests are home to kangaroos, wallabies, wombats, platypi, and different native birds.

6. Kuranda Rainforest

A traditional rainforest in Queensland with a lot of spots worth checking out! It is located near Cairns with tons of koalas hanging out. You may also have a scenic ride on the Kuranda Scenic Railway.

7. Kakadu National Park

The biggest national park in the country which also home to one of the best Australian jungles. Located in the Northern Territory, its rainforests have incredible viewpoints, but you must beware of crocodiles when you visit.

Photo Courtesy: @eletitley on Instagram

8. Budderoo National Park

This epic rainforest is filled with breathtaking waterfalls, landscapes, and many different animals. It is on the south coast of NSW. Lucky if you can spot a shy lyrebird in the greenery while relaxing at the picnic area.

Photo Courtesy: @sftrok on Instagram

Whatever type of traveller you are, Australia has a place for you to explore and have an AU-some experience!

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