Koala Campaign

Koala Campaign – 365 days around Australia

We are here to ease the path for our travel community that want to embark on a lifetime adventure: travelling across Australia (and maybe beyond, who knows?)  
2020 put the world on hold. Spending lots of time at home, our wanderlust is stronger than ever. We also remember the devastating impact of the bushfires on Australia’s wildlife. ⁠ 
Therefore, we had to let our beloved koalas leave home to explore this beautiful country and run the “Koala Challenge” to connect with all passionate travellers in Australia and support wildlife through associations. This challenge will allow Charlie and his siblings to meet YOU and live this road trip together which will surely be full of surprises and amazing rewards. ⁠ If you love travelling and wildlife, this challenge is for you! 

GoTo Koala - Charlie Parachute

They share their whole journey on their very own Instagram account @GoTo_koalas with daily posts and reveal clues about the QR code locations. 

The adventure has started in Melbourne! They have to make it back to Melbourne by 9th August 2022. Will they make it back on time? We will find out next year. 

Please contact us if you are interested in the challenge and want to share an incredible adventure with our koalas, our team and other like-minded travellers.

We can’t wait to meet you all and spend some AUSome koala-ty time together 🐨 Are you ready to join the adventure with our GoTo koala triplets?

GoTo Koala - Charlie Camping

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