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Au Pair

If you enjoy working with children, consider becoming an Au Pair.

Working as an Au Pair can be a good opportunity to combine work and experience Australia. You will be housed and fed by a family who asks you to take care of the children in exchange.

You may also be expected to participate in light housework, for example, folding the children’s clothes and cleaning the table.


The demand for labour in Australia is high.

Construction jobs are usually well paid. Specific trade qualifications, relevant experience, and location will have an impact on your hours and salary.

To work in the construction industry, you must have a White Card and full PPE (Personal Protective Equipment).


Hospitality is the most popular industry for backpackers to work in Australia.

Bars, pubs, hotels, and restaurants recruit a large number of backpackers to fill roles such as a receptionist, waiter, chef, kitchen hand, bartender, barista, allrounder, etc.

You must obtain an RSA certificate to work in the hospitality industry.

Office Support

Job opportunities in an office are many and varied in Australia.

Most of the time, it involves working on the phone. Some roles will require you to make outbound calls to customers on behalf of a company or an association, others may need you to provide customer service, in which case you will have to answer incoming calls.

There are no standout barriers to entry with most office support roles.


If you’re a very patient and sensible person this is certainly the work for you.

To become an Early Childhood Educator, it is necessary to obtain an Australian diploma or Bachelor’s degree in this field.

For most of these jobs, you will need a WWCC (Working with Children Check) from the website of your state of residence as well as a First Aid Certificate.

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